Company Profile

American Moving & Storage has been in business since 1925. The company was started in Roswell, New Mexico, by Amos Rapp. Amos operated the company as a local cartage company. In 1952, the company was purchased by A.G. "Jack" Woods and Frank Perry. The name of Rapp Transfer was maintained and remained a local caretage company until 1953. In 1955, the company became an agent for United Van Lines.

The Alamogordo operation was purchased in 1956. In 1988, Rapp Transfer and Alamogordo Moving & Storage were merged and became American Moving & Storage. Yucca Moving & Storage, a United Van Lines agency, was purchased in Febrary of 2000, and became part of the American Moving & Storage Family. In 2003, Michel G. Woods became the sole owner of all three offices of American Moving & Storage.

During our long relationship with United Van Lines, American Moving & Storage has committed ourselves to offering our customers the highest quality services that the moving industry has to offer. Our goal at American Moving & Storage is total customer satisfaction.